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3 Treasures of Arabian Nights and Logistic ITFeb. 08, 2010
3 Treasures of Arabian Nights & Logistic IT
Sung Koo Yeo. CEO of Pantos


The Islamic civilization led the trade between east and west, and was famous for its heritage of mosques, arbabesque designs, and literary works such as the Arabian nights.

The original title of Arabian nights is One thousand and one nights, as you guess, It is about the story for one thousand and one nights. Arabian nights is worldwide well-known stories and captivate many readers by its fertile imagination and oriental mystery.

From Arabian nights, we are able to read their thought and experience who leaded the trading in sea & land route at that time. The most familiar story is that 3 princes who have amazing treasures. It might seems just an adventure story at first, But it actually involved about 'Trading' as a topic, and 'Logistics' as a keyword.

The story starting with 3 princes were on their way to find a treasure for each. After coping with many difficulties, they all gathered with their own treasure. The first prince brought flying carpet, the second one brought telescope which can see no matter how far away it is, the third one brought magical apple which can cure any disease.
One day, The second prince was looking over the world with his telescope, he spot a princess who were dying with incurable disease. Finally her father, the king officially announced that who cure the princess's disease, will be given half of his land and be married princess. So the first one flied to the princess and the second prince gave her magical apple to cure her.  

As a CEO of Logistics company, I was so impressed that how much desperate they were to make them create such kind of story allude to trading.

3 princes who were on their way to find treasure, actually can be considered as Arabian merchant. Furthermore being a son-in-law of the king and giving a magical apple to get half of the land is considered as Trade. Technically, Magical apple is a goods having high exchange value, 
In other words, it is high quality and name-valued product. In terms of logistics, it is cargo.
Of course, flying carpet is meant transportation. Why did they come up with the idea of flying carpet?

They always try to find the faster & the more safety transportation rather than boat or camel. That's why they were dreamt of something special like flying carpet.

In modern times, dream of Islam merchant came true quite a lot due to the industrial revolution. Various kinds of goods which was described as magical apple were produced to satisfy consumer's desire, moreover there were faster transportation than flying carpet such as airplanes and ships.
What about telescope which can view more than thousands miles?
Arabian merchant desperately wanted to know where their cargo was, whether It's safe or not. That is the 'Supply Chain management visibility' in terms of modern times in logistics '
In twenty first century, due to IT revolution, SCM visibility is started to be realized. The second prince's treasure was given to us lastly.
Especially, To materialize of SCM visibility, Pantos established customized tracing system PVS(Pantos Visibility System) and provide web based single monitoring service such as cargo tracking & tracing, inventory management, Container management, W/H in & out, Documentation, Schedule management for Air & Sea, Trucking management and settlement in real time. Of course it's much more convenience than telescope.

In addition, Pantos is processing to set up GSI 'Global single Instance' which is unify all system for Pantos network into web based one sole system as firstly in Korea.
This project is going ahead with 3 axis such as Standardization of Global Process, Unification of Basic information, Combination of Application. It will help Pantos network work like one body as well as upgrade service level of SCM visibility. Also all information from Pantos network can be shared in real time so that working time can be reduced and Cost reduction for IT can be expected.

In 2010, many companies in Korea announced their aggressive strategy. Surely logistics role is getting more important. Logistics in Korea have very strong advantage connected with IT area which is SCM visibility. That's why we can expect Korean version of 3 princes story to show off our advanced logistics IT.  
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