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We offer our customers new logistics services via innovative digital solutions.

Pantos View

  • Live View
    Accurate View
    Customer View

    We always think from our customers’ point of view and
    deliver value beyond what we see.
    LX Pantos presents an invaluable visibility service, which allows viewing international
    transportation and warehousing information at a glance.
    Through an IT-based, we provide real-time control system linked
    with 360 global networks covering every corner of the world.

Pantos View Center

Pantos View Center monitors the real-time position of vessels and freights and thoroughly analyzes environmental factors,
including weather conditions like typhoon path, port accidents and congestion and sailing schedules to identify various shipping
and delivery delay risks. In any unforeseen circumstance, we immediately share it with our customers and concentrate our resources
on minimizing any negative consequences.

  1. Satellite

  2. IoT

    1. Real-time

    2. Weather

    3. Accidents &
      Port strikes

    4. Vessel

  3. Minimizing
    logistics risks

Pantos View Center
Real-time Vessel Tracking
Real-time Monitoring System
Warehousing & Inventory Status
Incident Radar
Port Congestion Status
Lead time Trend by route

LX Pantos’ Visibility, Pantos View

Real-time Tracking

We provide real-time tracking information, including live position and estimated arrival date of shipments for sea, air, rail
and truck mode using AIS vessel tracking, GPS, RPA and IoT.

Real-time control screen
Real-time tracking using Vessel AIS
Real-time control screen
Real-time tracking using IoT equipment
Real-time control screen
Real-time tracking using GPS
Tracking data quality management

We provide real-time tracking data by connecting EDI with shipping carriers and specialized tracking data providers.

CY Aging
& Cost Management

We provide aging status of containers in a terminal or container yard and CY costs such as demurrage and storage.

Transportation risk management

We preemptively respond to potential risks by collecting risk information on global logistics trends, natural disasters, etc.,
through the international risk news, our global network and the dashboard system.

Information provision screen

Customized visibility service

LX Pantos provides visibility information tailed to the customer through customized widget settings.

Pantos View Screen

Various EDI services

LX Pantos is connected with about 500 systems such as Government Agencies(Korea Customs office, customs, etc.), customers
and partner companies(airliners, shipping carriers, etc.). In addition, we offer various stable connection services,
including standard EDI methods(RosettaNet, EDIFACT, X12, etc.)

  • Customers
    • Customers
  • Government agencies
    • Customs
    • Domestic
    • Overseas
  • Partners
    • Airlines
    • Shipping
    • Banks
  • VAN(Company)


  • Flexibility

    Support EDI connection

  • Standardization

    Provide an optimal connection
    environment through
    industry-specific standard
    document management and
    standardized guide

  • Speed

    Provide prompt and
    convenient connection
    environment fitted various
    technology environment

  • Safety

    Provide stable infrastructure
    for customers through
    real-time monitoring and
    SMS alerts on disaster

  • Security

    Improve data security
    through Secure file transfer
    or certificate exchange

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Promotional video for Pantos View
(Narration) LX Pantos, as a global all-around logistics service provider, presents an invaluable Visibility service.
It allows viewing international transportation and warehousing information at a glance
through an IT-based, real-time control system linked with competitive global networks covering every corner of the world.

Thinking from the customers' point of view,
We deliver value beyond what you see.
Pantos View! The best service to support business for you.

In International transportation, many risk factors affect on-time delivery.
Due to unexpected situations, customers are affected by delivery delays and sales setbacks.
Even under these circumstances, Pantos View provides real-time tracking information for all international transportation modes by securing cargo visibility.
We collect transportation data from shipping lines, airlines, rail carriers, and LX Pantos' global network. And link it with AIS information from the specialized data provider and RPA, an automated solution, to pinpoint the exact position of the products in real-time.

Considering such location data, the trend of the corresponding route, and current risks, we provide the estimated arrival date of goods.
Also, LX Pantos has a dedicated risk management team that collects risk information and monitors global logistics trends through the international risk news, our global network, and the dashboard system that was first built in the logistics business in Korea.

We promptly recognize all the risks, such as rescheduling due to operational issues of
all transportation modes, unforeseen events such as weather deterioration, ship and aircraft accidents, and even strikes.

As soon as we identify the risks, we notify customers of the irregularity by
communicating with the carriers to provide backup measures.
At every risk, we preemptively respond to minimize customer damage.
Flexible and user-friendly Pantos View!
We are reaching out to you, our customers, through the website, mobile applications, and customized mailing service.
LX Pantos also provides real-time details in the warehouse and distribution field, allowing our customers to see the current situation at a glance through the logistics single platform, the LSP.

In the case of warehousing and distribution, customers can place orders directly through the LSP or your system by connecting LX Pantos' warehouse management system and the customers' system.

Processed order results and inventory information can be checked on LSP, and if the interface is connected, they can also be checked through your internal system.
The inland transportation management system is linked to the LSP, providing live distribution status and optimizing transportation routes through the vehicle GPS tracking.

For important goods, loT equipment can be used to check the status of external shocks and real-time changes in temperature and humidity.
Also, LSP provides warehousing and distribution progress, in-transit inventory, and weekly expected cargo,
and we can support customized information tailored to customers' features.
If an irregular situation occurs, we notify our customers by email and messenger as soon as possible.
Providing accurate tracking information, on customers' points of view in real-time.
Pantos View! will always be with you.