Human Rights

LX Pantos is a total logistics company that fulfills its social responsibility through transparent and
systematic sustainability management activities.

LX Pantos Logistics respects and guarantees
workers' rights to pursue happiness and
dignity as human beings.

Human Rights and
Labor Policy

LX Pantos Logistics complies with the international standards and guidelines for human rights and labor laws.
After enactment of the company-wide human rights and labor policy in 2020, we conduct regular inspection and
management related to major human rights issues, such as the prohibition of discrimination and child labor.

ESG Risk Management

LX Pantos Logistics carries out ESG risk management activities to identify, evaluate, and reduce ESG risks relating to human rights
protection/labor factors within the workplace, in accordance with standards presented by international guidelines.
By conducting an annual ESG in-depth self-assessment on our domestic and overseas workplaces in areas related to human rights/labor,
safety and health, environment, ethics, as well as the management of suppliers, we reduce risks and carry out constant improvement actions.

We plan to continuously upgrade our risk management process by expanding the management level and scope of our overseas workplaces
and supply chains.

  1. Risk Assessment(Self-Diagnosis)

  2. On-site

  3. Results

  4. Improvement

  5. Progress

Grievance Handling

In order to guarantee the human rights of employees and create a healthy working environment, LX Pantos Logistics operates an independent
grievance handling center that receives, investigates, and handles cases related to sexual harassment and workplace abuse, etc.

Standard Process for Grievance Handling
Case application
  1. Anonymous
  2. Inquiry with head of
    organization /
    surrounding people
  3. Investigation of the
    likely victim and his/
    her circumstances
  4. Interview / support
  1. Named
  2. Interview with
    the complainant
  3. Verification of the
    need for investigationYes
    • End of consultationNo
    • Arbitration agreement
      between the parties
  4. Fact-finding
  5. Decision on referral to
    disciplinary committee
    • Case closureNo
  6. Review by disciplinary
  7. Notification of
    review results
  8. Preparation of a plan
    to prevent recurrence
Counseling Center for

LX Pantos Logistics runs a counseling center for employees where professional counselors offer counseling, psychological tests,
and mental health programs to help employees cope with various types of mental stress experienced at work and in daily life.
By caring for the mental health of employees, we hope to help them achieve healthy adaptation to the workplace and pursue a happy life.

  • Personal Counseling

    1:1 counseling with a psychologist

  • Psychological Testing

    One can understand his / her emotions, personality, and interpersonal relationship patterns through professional psychological tests

  • Special Programs

    Psychological testing and various contents are used to enhance vitality and boost the mental health of individuals and groups

  • Group Programs

    Team members take part in these programs together to strengthen teamwork and understanding, increase work efficiency and enhance sense of belonging


LX Pantos Logistics strives to create value for both its management and workers based on a labor-management relationship of
mutual trust and respect.

Labor-Management Council

LX Pantos Logistics runs a labor-management council in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Employees' Participation and Cooperation. The Labor-Management Council functions as a representative body for executives and employees to get their voices heard by the management, serving as a venue for the expression of problems and opinions at work, as well as various ideas for the development of the company and its members. With regular meetings held once a quarter, the council is made up of 7 worker members and 5 management representatives. In addition to offline methods, employees may express their opinions online at any time and these opinions are gathered on a quarterly basis. LX Pantos Logistics actively engages in Voice of Employee(VOE) programs and strives to improve the working environment while establishing a strong labor-management relationship.

Junior Board

LX Pantos Logistics operates the Junior Board(JB), a representative body for office workers. Serving as a communication channel between upper and lower levels, JB engages in various activities to build mutual trust between the levels.

  • Two-way communication
    between employees
    and management
  • Carry out changes
    with in the company
  • Collect opinions on
    social value activities
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