Social Value

LX Pantos is a total logistics company that fulfills its social responsibility through transparent and
systematic sustainability management activities.

LX Pantos is committed to expanding social values and developing a win-win relationship with local communities through social contributions as a part of its ESG management efforts.

LX Pantos recognizes that the local community is also an important stakeholder that has a direct or indirect impact on the company and thus,
along with social contribution activities which consider the children and the vulnerable elderly the major support targets,
we are actively participating in international support projects that transport emergency relief supplies in international disaster situations.

Activities to Expand
Social Values​

Creation of a VR learning playground

LX Pantos’ representative social contribution activity is an activity to create a welfare space dedicated to children where children can play
and experience not only the basic elementary education courses such as Korean, English, and mathematics, and the physical education,
but the environmental education (Net-Zero, Fine dust, Environmental health), using VR devices. Following the first Yeongdeungpo General
Welfare Center in 2021, Building No. 2 was opened at the Busan General Social Welfare Center, and we are promoting the expansion of the
opening within the local community where the LX Pantos business site is located.

Support of self-reliance for the protected children and the children whose protection has ended

We are carrying out the ‘LX Pantos Value Together Subscription Book’ support project to help children establish a foundation of life after
self-reliance facing the time of the termination of protection, together with the ‘Experiential Learning Accompaniment Program’ conducted
by LX Pantos’ employees for children under protection who live in childcare facilities. In addition, emotional support programs are being
implemented to prevent social isolation after self-reliance.

Tree planting activities in areas affected by forest fires

In order to support residents affected by large-scale forest fires along the East Coast in 2022, LX Pantos employees are implementing the visit of
the forest fire-stricken areas and the plant of trees. In collaboration with 'Peace Forest Inc.', a civic group specializing in forest activities, we are
working to increase carbon absorption and enhance biodiversity through forest restoration.

Establishment and operation of ‘Hanultari’, a standard workplace for the disabled

Since 2018, LX Pantos has established and is operating Hanultari Co., Ltd., a standard workplace for the disabled. While striving to develop jobs
for the disabled, we are making efforts to secure employment and improve treatment by expanding convenience facilities for the disabled and
providing customized welfare benefits, and also operate systems for handling grievances, such as separate counseling and the placement of
social workers. Through this, we were selected as an ‘excellent workplace for employing the disabled’ by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
in 2022, and also awarded the ‘Commendation for Persons of Merit in Promotion of Employment of the Disabled’ for leading the way in the
employment of the disabled.

Exceeding the mandatory employment rate for the disabled and developing various job models

The disabled employment rate of Hanultari Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of LX Pantos, is 3.3% that exceeds the mandatory employment rate (3.1%), and
in particular actively employs people with severe and female disabilities. In addition, by developing/applying various job models for the disabled
such as in-house cafe barista, introduction of health keeper for the visually impaired, OA room management service, building disinfection to
prevent infectious diseases and confirmed patient management service, etc., we practice ESG management values by fulfilling social
responsibilities and promoting diversity.

Win-Win Relationship
with Local Communities

Support in summer and winter for elderly persons living alone

Every year, we carry out the ‘Cool Summer&Warm Winter’ activities for seniors living alone in the vulnerable class in Jongno-gu, where our
head office is located. In summer, air conditioners and dehumidifiers are provided to prepare for the heat wave, and in winter, heating supplies
and kimchi are provided so that the elderly can maintain a healthy diet and spend the winter in a warm residential environment.

Support for children suffering from incurable diseases in the vulnerable class

Seoul National University Children's Hospital, we support medical expenses for children from economically disadvantaged children
who are struggling with incurable diseases.

Participation in the 'Gwanghwamun One Team' project and development of volunteer activities

LX Pantos joined the ‘Gwanghwamun One Team’, which consists of 21 companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations with
offices in the Gwanghwamun area, and are carrying out a joint project for community contribution to voluntarily solve community problems
and realize ESG values. In addition, the Gwanghwamun One Team Volunteer Corps has been formed to carry out eco-friendly practices
such as plogging and gardening, as well as support activities for the underprivileged in the region, such as serving meals and participating
in local markets.

in international
support projects

Delivery of medicines and relief supplies to Ukraine

LX Pantos delivered 100 tons of medicines and relief supplies to Ukraine based on its transportation capabilities that achieved air transport
quality certification of pharmaceutical supplies (CEIV-Pharma). In the event of an international disaster, by utilizing our business strengths
in arranging air and sea transportation according to the government's emergency instructions and even carrying out shipment and
transportation, LX Pantos acts as a dedicated logistics partner of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), fulfilling national-level
cooperation and social responsibility in the international community.

Transporting relief goods by sea transport to earthquake damage in Turkiye

When LX Pantos encountered difficulties in transporting relief goods to the earthquake-stricken site in Turkiye, it provided a 200,000 USD
(approximately KRW 261 million) shipping voucher for relief goods to the Turkish Embassy in Korea free of charge. LX Pantos has been with in
the 2015 Nepal earthquake, the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake in Japan, the 2016 Ecuador earthquake, and the 2017 flood in Sri Lanka,
continuing cooperation to enhance humanitarian values and national interests.

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