Since 1977, LX Pantos has consistently worked hard to broaden its markets overseas,
while seamlessly dealing with the challenges of different customs, languages and cultures.


History of LX Pantos




  1. 04Opens railway terminal in Tata, Hungary
  2. 03Obtained ‘TISAX’ certification


  1. 12Won the Prime Minister Award at the 30th Corporate Innovation Awards
  2. 11Join the UNGC(United Nations Global Compact)
  3. 11Appointment of Lee Yong-ho as CEO
  4. 04Obtained CEIV Li-Batt certification (IATA)
  5. 04Publication of LX Pantos Commitment for Climate Action
  6. 03Publication of LX Pantos Sustainability Report


  1. 12ISO27001 certification
  2. 11CEO Choi Won-hyok, awarded the ‘Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit’
  3. Obtained CEIV-Fresh certification (IATA)
  4. 07Awarded Bronze Medal by Ecovadis, a global ESG & sustainable governance rating
  5. 06Obtained GDP(Goods Distribution Practices) certification for pharmaceuticals in Incheon Airport distribution center


  1. 07Changed name to LX Pantos
  2. 05Awarded a first-class rating by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in the excellent shipper category


  1. 06Obtained CEIV Pharma certification(IATA)
  2. 05Won the grand prize at 23rd Korean Logistics Awards of Korea Logistics Society
  3. 04ISO 13485 certification




  1. 10Obtained integrated information protection ISMS-P certification firstly in the logistics industry
  2. Obtained the certification of ISMS-P(Information Security & Personal Information Security Management System)
  3. 09Concluded MOU with Russian Trans Container
  4. 07Obtained a certificate of a qualified business for Korean Good Supply Practice(KGSP)
  5. 05Established a subsidiary in Hungary
  6. 02CEO Choi Won-hyok appointed president of Korea Integrated Logistics Association
  7. Received ISO 9001 in Singapore
  8. 01Opened W.Icheon warehouse
  9. Pantos HQ acquired AEO Certification as a bonded area operator
  10. Freight forwarder grade increased(A→AA)
  11. Obtained Certified Green-Logistics Company status from Ministry of Land and Transport


  1. 11Established a subsidiary in Sweden
  2. 10Established the Sihwa MTV center
  3. Acquired AEO Certification in the UK
  4. 01Established "Hanultari Co., Ltd.', a work place for persons with disabilities


  1. 11Opened eCommerce Platform 'ePantos'
  2. Received an incentive as a company contributing to attracting cargo to Pyeongtaek Port
  3. 05Launched Air Freight Platform "One Cube"
  4. 04Changed the company name to Pantos Logistics
  5. 02Established a subsidiary in Argentina
  6. Acquired AEO Certification in Hong Kong
  7. Acquired AEO Certification in Thailand


  1. 08Merger of Pantos Logistics and HiLogistics
  2. 03Started operation of air charter between Korea and China


  1. 12Appointment of Choi Won-hyok as CEO
  2. 11Acquisition of HiLogistics
  3. Selected as Global Procurement Leader by KOTRA
  4. 08OHSAS 18001 Certification
  5. 06Selected as the global procurement leading company by KOTRA
  6. 04Received a letter of commendation for communication relating to international mail flight operation


  1. 07Established a subsidiary in Egypt
  2. 04Established a subsidiary in Panama
  3. 03Acquired AEO Certification in Spain


  1. 10Opened Pyeongtaek Logistics Center
  2. 05Established a subsidiary in the United States
  3. 04Pantos Logistics HQ acquired AEO Certification
  4. 03First domestic logistics company to receive highest level of AEO certification in China
  5. Pantos HQ acquired AEO certification(freight forwarder)
  6. Acquired AEO Certification, Shanghai, China
  7. 02Opened global integrated logistics system 'Pantos GSI'
  8. Established a subsidiary in Chile
  9. Received a plaque of appreciation from the Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek Port Corporation(No.1 export / import cargo at Pyeongtaek Port)
  10. 01Incheon Logistics Center won TAPA certification, A-grade


  1. 12Chosen as Green Logistics Outstanding Operator by Korean Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  2. 11Certified as a green logistics company by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  3. 10Established the Far East logistics center in Russia
  4. 08Established a subsidiary in Turkiye
  5. 07Received ISO 14001 in Shanghai, China
  6. 06Acquired AEO Certification in Poland
  7. Selected by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs as a global logistics company to promote nationally
  8. 05Established the 2nd Indonesian logistics center in Cikarang
  9. 04First in the industry to open an Integrated Logistics Control Center
  10. 03Established a subsidiary in Columbia
  11. 02Established the Laemchabang logistics center in Thailand
  12. 01Established the 2nd Incheon Airport logistics center


  1. 12Established a subsidiary in the Philippines
  2. Certified as a total logistics company of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  3. 11Received the IATA Korea Excellent Partner Award
  4. 09Acquired AEO certification for Benelux and German subsidiaries
  5. 08Received ISO 14001 Certification
  6. 07Established branch office in South Africa
  7. 04Started international rail freight business
  8. 03Received ISO 28000 in Hong Kong


  1. 12Selected as an electronic trade leading company
  2. Won the Award of Minister of Knowledge Economy on the Trade Day
  3. 10Received ISO 28000 Certification
  4. 09Completed construction of Busan Newport Logistics Center
  5. 08Established a subsidiary in Vietnam
  6. 06Won the grand prize at Korea Logistics Awards
  7. Won Prime Minister’s Award on the Ocean Day
  8. Awarded an appreciation plaque from the Korea Ship-owners’ Association
  9. 04Established a subsidiary company Helistar Air
  10. Selected as one of the top 100 excellent companies in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, China




  1. 09Won the world’s first Outstanding e-Freight(air freight electronic documentation) Company from IATA
  2. 08Listed in the Guinness World Record for transporting the world's largest heaviest cargo by air
  3. 02Awarded the Conspicuous Trading Business Prize by the Korea Trade Research Organization


  1. 11Obtained the bonded shed license in Russia
  2. 09Established a subsidiary in Saudi Arabia
  3. 07Awarded the Excellent Innovation Company Grand Prize by The Korea Economic Daily
  4. 03Developed global shipping document management system
  5. 02Developed first domestic paperless air shipment electronic system
  6. Established a subsidiary in Cambodia
  7. 01Established a subsidiary in Ningbo, China


  1. 11Obtained the total logistics company certification from the Ministry of Construction and Transportation
  2. 09Established a subsidiary in Australia
  3. 06Established a subsidiary in Brazil


  1. 11Awarded the SCM Grand Prize from the Korean Society for Supply Chain Management
  2. 10Awarded the e-BIZ Grand Prize by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  3. 07Changed the company name to Pantos Logistics
  4. 03Established a subsidiary in Mexico
  5. Established a subsidiary in Taiwan
  6. Selected as an exemplary foreign-invested business in Shanghai
  7. Awarded the Korea Logistics Society Grand Prize
  8. 02Established a subsidiary in Spain
  9. 01Started international courier business


  1. 11Opened Incheon Airport Logistics Center
  2. Established a subsidiary in UAE
  3. 10Established a subsidiary in Russia
  4. Selected as the business of the year by the economic review
  5. 09Established a subsidiary in Germany
  6. 05Established a subsidiary in Poland
  7. 04Established a subsidiary in France
  8. 01Established the 1st Indonesian logistics center in Cibitung


  1. 12Established a subsidiary in Shenzhen, China
  2. 11Established a subsidiary in India
  3. 10Established a subsidiary in Malaysia
  4. 08Established a subsidiary in the UK
  5. 04Established a subsidiary in the Netherlands


  1. 11Established a subsidiary in Thailand
  2. 10Awarded the 11th Korea Logistics Grand Prize
  3. 08Established a subsidiary in Singapore


  1. 12Received ISO 9001:2000 Certification
  2. 05Established a subsidiary in Japan


  1. 09Established a subsidiary in Qingdao, China
  2. 08Established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China
  3. 04Established Gimpo bonded shed for sales purpose


  1. 11Established a subsidiary in Indonesia
  2. 09Established Ansan bonded shed for sales purpose and the Pyeongtaek HUB warehouse
  3. 04Established a subsidiary in Hong Kong




  1. 07Commenced customs clearance business


  1. 12Established the bonded shed, and commenced bonded transportation business


  1. 12Changed the company name to PanKorea Express
  2. 10Registered as a multimodal transportation business


  1. 02Established Bumhan Huengsan Corporation(Air cargo agency)
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