LX Pantos provides a one-stop service covering the entire process of e-commerce logistics, from order placement to delivery.

LX Pantos Logistics EC,
connecting customers to the world of e-Commerce.

We offer comprehensive e-Commerce services such as freight order placement, warehousing, storage,
domestic transportation, customs clearance, overseas transportation, fulfillment, and returns, etc.

Features of our services

The three core elements of delivery, fulfillment, and system are organically connected to add value to logistics
and provide differentiated e-Commerce logistics services that bring about the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • System
  • Domestic
  • Fulfillment
  • No.1
    in Korea
    EC export volume
  • 9  million boxesVolume handled
    per year
  • 360  networks
    in 40  countries
    Global network
  • over 45 yearsLogistics industry
  • Over  240e-Commerce
  • 71 overseas,
    31 domestic
    Global EC fulfillment

LX Pantos Logistics’ e-Commerce

  • End-to-End
    total logistics service
  • Operation of specialized
    warehouses for each
    industry and flexible
    response to events
  • Competitiveness in
  • Tie-up with shopping
    malls and one-stop
    logistics service through
    integrated system
  • Overseas fulfillment
total logistics service
  1. Domestic transportation
    • Order
    • Fulfillment
    • Delivery
  2. International express
    1. Customs
    2. Sea/air
    3. Customs
  3. Overseas transportation
    1. Warehouse
      at destination
    2. Delivery
    3. Customer

Our e-Commerce logistics service offers stable and quick services such as order placement, fulfillment, domestic transportation,
as well as international express, customs clearance, and overseas delivery, etc. for CBT(Cross Border Trading).

  • Domestic transportation : Next-day domestic delivery service and real-time visibility from shipment to delivery
  • International express : ‘One Day Delivery Service’ available in Asia via a global network that is the best in Korea
  • Overseas transportation : Overseas last mile service via overseas bases and local partners
Operation of specialized
warehouses for each
industry and flexible
response to events

We offer integrated logistics services, from basic warehouse operations such as product warehousing and inventory management to
domestic/overseas e-Commerce fulfillment services specialized for each industry and flexible warehouse operation according to changes
in volume during events/peak seasons.

  • Experience in handling event/peak season volume for many large customers
  • 100 warehouses and automation facilities for optimal operation at main global bases
  • Stock quantity / safe inventory management by production date/channel
  • Specialized distribution and processing services for e-commerce(product packaging, customized engraving/letter service,
    video recording of product packing by item, etc.)
Competitiveness in

Through competitive domestic/overseas freight rates based on massive volume, we offer various overseas delivery services such as
export/import/three-country traffic delivery, etc., as well as domestic delivery service via numerous partners.

  • Various delivery services(In-house express service / partnership service with global express companies)
  • e-Commerce import/export customs clearance experts
  • Reverse logistics for all countries across the world
  • Linkup with major courier systems in Korea to provide efficient service
Tie-up with shopping
malls and one-stop
logistics service through
integrated system

Tie-up with shopping malls and one-stop logistics service through integrated system. We offer integrated logistics services from
warehousing to fulfillment, delivery, visibility and customer service through an integrated system linked to shopping malls,
order/warehouse management functions, and delivery/express shipping companies.

  • Order management(automated collection of domestic/overseas orders, automated order editing, automated address clarification, etc.)
  • Worldwide real-time shipment tracking, provision of customized information
  • Tie-up with overseas shopping malls(Amazon, shopify, Lazada, Qoo10) and domestic shopping malls(Naver, Coupang, Kakao, SSG, Gmarket)
  • Logistics customer service related batch collection and claim response(order change, cancellation, return, exchange, refund, etc.)
Fulfillment service

In this service, customer orders from online sales channels are collected in real time, and we are entrusted with the warehousing,
inventory management, and domestic/overseas delivery of the seller's products to the customer.
We operate a fulfillment center close to the metropolitan area and offer high-quality fulfillment services to various
online sellers of household goods, food, and fashion, etc.

  • Order management

    Product registration service
    through LX Pantos Logistics' order
    management system

  • Order collection

    The LX Pantos Logistics' system
    is linked to shopping malls to
    provide automated order
    collection without Excel work

  • Warehouse
    receiving of products

    Upon receival of goods,
    barcodes are attached to
    products for serial number

  • Product packaging

    Optimized product packaging
    and labeling service
    for each product

  • Delivery management

    Delivery waybill printing and
    invoice forwarding service

  • Inventory management

    Inventory storage at designated
    locations and real-time inventory

  • Domestic/overseas delivery

    ONE STOP service management
    for domestic and overseas

  • Purchase/management of secondary materials

    Proxy-buying of secondary
    materials at affordable prices
    and storage management of
    the materials

Overseas fulfillment

From overseas expansion to local operations, we offer customers stable overseas fulfillment services
based on our global network and operational know-how of overseas e-Commerce warehousing.

  • Operation of optimal bases tailored to customer needs via our global network
  • Rapid response through a dedicated team
  • Collaboration with competitive delivery partners
  • Linking of order and warehouse management systems to provide integrated management both domestically and internationally
  • LX Pantos EC EXPRESSIn-house operation-based EC shipping

    Door-to-door international transportation by air
    for EC only via LX Pantos Logistics' in-house operations

    LX Pantos EC FULFILLMENT SERVICEFulfillment & Last-Mile

    Domestic storage and delivery service for EC only

  • LX Pantos EC COURIER EXPRESSEC shipping in partnership with global express companies

    Premium international transportation service for EC only through partnerships with global express companies

  • LX Pantos EC EXPRESS AIR/SEA ONLYEC international shipping(excluding import customs)

    An EC-only service with EC Express features except
    for import customs clearance and last mile delivery

    LX Pantos EC EXPRESS AIR/SEA & CUSTOMSEC international shipping(including import customs)

    Transportation service with EC Express features that include customs clearance
    for imports and delivery to the customer's preferred location

    LX Pantos EC CHINA GDCChina GDC affiliated EC shipping

    End-to-End EC cargo-only transportation service for ‘export from
    Europe/America’ and ‘import/export from China or
    import/export to China’ via GDC in China

    • Europe/Americas → China(GDC) → Korea(Incheon)
    • Europe/Americas → China(GDC) → Korea T/S(Incheon) → Japan and Intra Asia
    • China(GDC) ⇆ Korea(Incheon)
    LX Pantos EC FULFILLMENT SERVICEGlobal fulfillment & last mile

    EC logistics services that include warehouse operation via our global network,
    product and order management, and VAS, etc. for customers who
    need overseas fulfillment services and last mile delivery.

Video introducing
our e-Commerce services
Introducing 'ePantos', an LX Pantos Logistics' e-Commerce platform
that offers sellers a one stop solution to their concerns amongst
the numerous demands of shopping mall sites and
the various needs of consumers.
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Video introducing our e-Commerce services
(Narration) The retail e-Commerce market is growing rapidly.
Due to numerous online shopping sites and various means of customers sellers are more concerned than ever for effectiveness and efficiency.

Introducing 'epantos' the e-Commerce sales platform to easy the process in any online business.

Facing difficulties selling products across different sites with different managing systems to errors keep popping up struggling to capitalize on multiple channels.

If so, we have creative this one-stop seller service for you.

No need to visit each shopping and delivery site.
You only need one place for all tasks including the management of shipping services and warehouses.
It is practical to meet customer's demands and you can easily start selling your products on a new site from your warehouse to the customers hands.

It provides a variety of statistical analysis services and business strategy insights to customers by integrating systematically collected customer data.

Warehouses need an efficient management from receiving, items to sorting, stocking, packing, inventory checking and shipping.

You can sit on your computer and manage warehouses across the world.
Just like your own at home.

Lower cost and greater convenience
Pantos does it well.

Pantos provides door-to-door services in about 220 nations through its own overseas network of 40 nations as well as strategic partnerships with global express delivery firms and postal service providers.

Premium express service ensuring quick delivery of small packages
Econmy express service available and a lower price when sufficient delivery time is given
Such service types help Pantos express design optimal routes providing a comprehensive and appropriate consulting to you.

Pantos endeavors to become the best as a logistics company and aims to create a better in commerce environment.

Beyond Logistics, Beside you