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Pantos Logistics opens chartered plane transportation of 100Oct. 20, 2011

Pantos Logistics opens chartered plane transportation of '1,000 American breeding pigs'

Pantos Logistics has successfully completed 10,000km air transportation to import 1,000 American breeding pigs. This transportation of breeding pigs is for domestic stock farmers, who are having a difficulty of securing breeding pigs, to import breeding pigs from abroad such as America and Canada amid a mass cull of pigs, one third of the domestic pigs due to this year's worst foot-and-mouth disease. On Oct. 17 and 18, Pantos Logistics are safely carried total 1,030 breeding pigs from Chicago, U.S.A to Korea through Incheon Airport.

For this transportation of breeding pigs, Pantos Logistics has made a bold decision to use a Boeing 747 freight chartered plane. Sea transportation is cheaper but it takes 15days and breeding pigs would get stressed due to long flight and even die. Even if Pantos Logistics uses general plane or freighter, various limitations are bound to follow to build the optimum environment for the 1,000 breeding pigs.

Therefore, for this transportation, Pantos Logistics used specially-made thirty 2.5m transport cages to carry those valuable pigs. In addition, considering their movement during the flight, the proper number of pigs were divided and carried in each cage. Besides, Pantos Logistics made detailed efforts to keep appropriate temperature and air calculation not to make them stressed due to the long flight. For the transportation of highly-paid breeding pigs, Pantos Logistics, of course, bought insurance in case of emergency. The sum of the pigs and the cages is about 120tons. As a freight chartered plane that can carry 100tons at most was not enough to carry them, Pantos Logistics used another domestic plane additionally. After the breeding pigs arrived at Incheon Airport, they were moved to Youngjong-do Animal Quarantine Agency, and they will be sent to domestic general farms if there's nothing wrong with them.

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