LX Pantos Logistics offers a comprehensive W&D(Warehouse & Distribution) service for various industries.


We control and manage our operations thoroughly through in-house staff.
Also, we provide different logistics services that combine know-house and know-where and optimal solutions that prioritize customer values.

Storage and Transport/
Shipping Services
Cargo storage business
Consulting and
recommendation business
Cargo Services
General Gargo Services

LX Pantos Logistics offers customers a continuous and competitive shipping system with its core competencies.

Proposal of operation plans
via consulting
Customized service
by industry group
Service improvement
through quality control
Export/import Shipping Services(FCL/LCL)

Ranked No.1 in export/import volume within Korea, LX Pantos Logistics provides a one-stop shipping service
from ports/airports to the customer's doorstep.

Direct Shipping(FCL)
  • Port Terminal/Airport
  • CY/Warehouse
  • CY/Warehouse
  • Customer
Combined Transportation(FCL/LCL)[Export/Import Shipping Process​]
Service Strengths
Offering all kinds of
transportation services
in Korea
Dispatch of transport
vehicles nationwide
Providing transportation
services customized
for the customer's
logistics setting
Securing freight rate
by working with various
LX Pantos' businesses

Local Network

With more than 70 domestic bases, we offer logistics services throughout the entire country.

  • Incheon Airport Export Center(General, bonded)
  • Baekam Center(General, bonded)
  • Incheon Airport Import Center(General, bonded, constant temperature and humidity, frozen storage)
  • Seoicheon Center
    (for pharmaceuticals only)
    (General, bonded, constant temperature
    and humidity, cold and frozen storage)
  • Dukpyeong Center(General, constant temperature and humidity)
  • Gumi HUB(Exclusive warehouse for customers)
  • Sihwa MTV Center(General, bonded, constant temperature and
  • Gumi CY&CFS(General, CY)
  • Suwon Center(Exclusive warehouse for customers)
  • Changwon HUB(Exclusive warehouse for customers)
  • Osan Center(General, bonded, constant temperature and
    humidity, cold and frozen storage)
  • Busan New Port Center(General, bonded, constant temperature and
    humidity, dangerous goods)
  • Pyeongtaek HUB(Exclusive warehouse for customers)
  • Busan G.C Center(General, bonded, constant temperature and
    humidity, exclusive warehouse)
  • Gwangju Center(General, bonded, constant temperature and
  • Jeju Center(General, bonded, constant temperature and

Overseas Network

LX Pantos Logistics offers logistics services via 353 networks, which include 250 warehouses in 40 countries around the world.

Go to Global Network
  • Country
  • Region
  • Network
  • Warehouse
  • Europe
    • 8
    • 33
    • 22
  • India/Middle East/Africa
    • 6
    • 54
    • 42
  • China
    • 8
    • 68
    • 52
  • CIS
    • 2
    • 13
    • 6
  • Asia/Oceania
    • 10
    • 55
    • 27
  • North America
    • 3
    • 17
    • 10
  • South America
    • 4
    • 14
    • 5
  • Republic of Korea(HQ)
    • 5
    • 99
    • 94
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