CEO Message

Dear our stakeholders,
Today's business environment is changing at the fastest speed
and largest scale that it has never been before.

The demands of society on companies are also becoming more diverse.
As a result, the conventional management approach is no longer sustainable.
Companies can achieve sustainable growth only when the society around it is also healthy.
We acknowledge that integrating economic, social, and environmental consideration into business
decision-making and operation is crucial for being a responsible corporate citizen as well as a
sustainable company by reinforcing our own competitiveness.
This is why LX Pantos seeks to build sustainable management system that creates social and
environmental values together with financial ones.
LX Pantos will practice sustainable management based on two promises.
Firstly, we will expand its positive influence on society.
Due to the nature of a logistics company, LX Pantos works with various members of society throughout its
business, from procurement to production and sales. We will actively communicate with our stakeholders to
understand what society needs and think about what we can contribute. Based on such communication and
trust with our stakeholders, we will establish a solid foundation for creating not only economic performance
but also social values.
Secondly, we will practice harmonious and sustainable business through risk management
in all aspects of the economy, society, and environment.

We will actively embrace and embody international standards and norms for social responsibility beyond legal requirements in terms of management standards.
LX Pantos will pursue sustainability with a balanced view on all aspects of the economy, society, and environment.
We will do our best to become a responsible and sustainable logistics company that meets each and every stakeholder’s expectations.
We will always pursue our business with sincere commitment to sustainable values. I would appreciate your support for LX Pantos,
which is committed to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities and grow together with society, contributing to better future.
Thank you.
CEO Choi Won Hyuk