Environment Health and Safety

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

LX Pantos established an Environment, Health and Safety Policy, and strives to minimize environmental impact and establish a safe and healthy workplace.

Environment, Health and Safety Management Strategy

Provide a pleasant and safe working environment by establishing a value chain system of
"environment, health and safety" activities, and provide the best customer value
Maximize customer values

Establish a safe and healthy workplace

EESH (Environment, Safety, Health)
  • Energy

    Integrated energy
    management on low-carbon
    green logistics

  • Environment

    Improvement of hazardous
    chemical environment

  • Safety

    Improvement of safe working
    environment for employees
    and raising awareness

  • Health

    Improvement of health
    for employees

Health and Safety Management System

Major Activities

01Operation of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee
In order to prevent risks or health problems of workers, the Committee meeting is held quarterly by both employer and
employee members to review/decide on material issues concerning the safety and health of the workplace.
02EESH-5S Inspection
Through the EESH-5S inspection (regular, circular, special, and joint), we continuously carry out safety accident prevention
activities to identify and immediately improve hazardous risk factors at each workplace.
03Environment, Safety and Health Education
LX Pantos conducts regular, new and special safety education for managers and workers. Education programs on ESH theories,
cases, and practical field training are provided to employees on regular basis.
04Emergency Response Training
LX Pantos has systemic emergency response manuals and scenarios to promptly respond to various emergency situations,
such as fire and chemical leakage, and to secure the safety of workers. In addition, we conduct emergency response training
on regular basis.
05Energy Target Management
LX Pantos has been designated as an industrial site subject to the carbon emission trading system since 2020 under the
Framework Act on Low Carbon Green Growth. We continuously analyze and manage our carbon emissions and energy use
in all our business sites through the carbon gas monitoring system.