Customer Value Management

LX Pantos strives to realize customer values in a sustainable manner by establishing a customer-centered corporate culture, improving the system and establishing a quality enhancing system.

Customer Value
  • Responsible
  • Enhancement
    of System
  • Strengthening
  • Customer
  • Process
  • Improving
    service quality
Responsible management

Establishing a customer-centered corporate culture

Establishing a companywide quality policy and quality management system

Enhancement of System

Systemizing the customer pain point management

Securing the customized control system

Strengthening competitive

Managing customer journey map-based process

Securing end-to-end business visibility

Customer satisfaction

Responding to potential customer’s pain point

Reducing costs through preventive activities

Process optimization

Processing tasks based on expertise/process

Minimizing process and maximizing efficiency

Improving service quality

Managing and improving service quality indicators

Preventing and minimizing quality accidents