Success Story

Wherever, whatever!
LX Pantos will go beyond impossibility.
Passion is the driving force of LX Pantos to go beyond impossibility.
Creativity is LX Pantos' competitive weapon to create a new logistics paradigm.
Based on its 349 global networks and expertise accumulated for 38 years, LX Pantos continues to evolve
to find the best logistics methods for customers.
2 Million F.tons Oil Sand Project in CANADA

North American Oil Sands Project

LX Pantos has differentiated project logistics competitiveness
based on ultra-heavy cargo transport capacity, consulting abilities, and overseas networks.
LX Pantos has differentiated logistics capabilities in the energy plant sector!
LX Pantos pioneers the oil sands project-related logistics market based on
its expertise accumulated in the fields of heavy cargo, oversize cargo, and bulk cargo transportation.
  1. 01We won the largest oil sands heavy distillate plant construction project in North America and transported
    2 million F.tons of equipment.
  2. 02We established a strong execution organization by entering the North American market together with our client.
  3. 03We will secure differentiated logistics capabilities in the future energy plant sector as one of the sustainable businesses for the next 30 to 50 years.
Tailored Solution Submarine Cable Transportation Project

Submarine Cable Shipment

New attempts through the change of ideas!
LX Pantos is evolving as a logistics creator.
"How would it be if we use a bulk carrier for large submarine cable transportation?"
With its creative idea of using a bulk carrier for shipping large submarine cables (13.7km in length, 1,400 tons in weight, and 23.4cm in diameter), LX Pantos succeeded in transporting the cables a distance of about 20,000km from Donghae, Gangwon to Rotterdam, Netherlands.
LX Pantos' solution can significantly reduce shipping costs and time.
  1. 01We used a bulk carrier for large submarine cable shipment for the first time in Korea.
  2. 02Our project team took care of the entire process from project discovery to contract winning.
  3. 03We confirmed the possibility of realizing the solution through simulation.
  4. 04We developed tailored solutions by completely understanding customer needs.
  5. 05We significantly reduced shipping costs and time.
10,000km Breeding Pigs Transportation

Breeding Pig Shipment by Chartered Planes

LX Pantos transports live animals safely and carefully.
"1,000 pigs safely travelled 10,000km by air."
Shipping live animals is not an easy task since we have to be thoroughly prepared for unexpected emergencies.
LX Pantos safely completed air transportation of 1,000 pigs for a distance of 10,000km by creating special cages and providing customized care, such as maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity.
  1. 01We successfully completed the project of shipping 1,000 American breeding pigs a distance of 10,000km by air.
  2. 02We created special cages with a height of 2.5m to safely load pigs in the plane.
  3. 03We maintained appropriate temperature and humidity to prevent stress caused by the long flight.
  4. 04We endeavored to create optimal conditions for pigs, including air circulation.
KOICA KDRT Disaster Relief Supplies

Transportation of relief supplies

Promptness, safety, and quick decision-making are the key!
LX Pantos supports disaster relief activities across the world.
As one of the most representative logistics providers in Korea, LX Pantos actively participates in social sharing activities in cooperation with government authorities and international organizations by establishing superior operation systems in the disaster relief and procurement sector. LX Pantos delivers hope to disaster areas in need of help around the world.
  1. 01We are the logistics provider of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) under the umbrella of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. 02We quickly deliver relief supplies through the operation of our overseas emergency relief supply centers.
  3. 03We participated in the third Korea-Thailand ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Disaster Relief Exercise (DiREX) and performed logistics activities.
186Tons Heavy Cargo Air Freight Project

The world's heaviest cargo (186 tons) air transportation project

LX Pantos is establishing itself
as a global logistics company that surpasses its limits.
LX Pantos has been added to Guinness World Records by successfully shipping the world's heaviest cargo, a ultra-heavy power generator with a weight of 186 tons, by air. With this achievement, LX Pantos' transportation service superiority and know-how in transporting heavy goods have been recognized worldwide.
  1. 01We delivered a 170MW gas turbine generator from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Germany to Zvartnots Airport in Yerevan, Armenia.
9,424㎡ Auto Parts Warehouse Operation

SsangYong European Parts Center (SEPC) operation

SsangYong Motor establishes a "logistics control tower,"
which is a customer-tailored logistics center that covers
from real-time warehousing/shipping out to inventory management.
LX Pantos maximizes the operation efficiency of the SsangYong European Parts Center that supplies auto parts to 27 European nations, such as Spain, Italy, and France, based on differentiated inland transportation using its own logistics networks in Europe as well as its experience and know-how in customer-tailored logistics center operation.
  1. 01We operate the SsangYong European Parts Center in the Netherlands and supply parts throughout Europe.
  2. 02We store 15,000 different types of 470,000 auto parts in a warehouse with a size of 9,424m2.
  3. 03We increase operation efficiency by building logistics systems tailored to clients.
    • We establish warehouse management systems (WMS) to effectively integrate and manage warehousing, shipping out, orders, inventory, etc.
    • We increase the efficiency of inventory management by building PDA processes that recognize the entire storage and shipment processes.
50,000Tons International Mail Transportation

International mail delivery for the Korea Post

Winning the project to deliver Korea's international mail!
LX Pantos proves its competencies once again.
LX Pantos proved its competencies in the industry by winning a project to forward the Korea Post's airmail transportation, estimated to be 50,000 tons.
LX Pantos takes care of all international postal freight sent out by the Korea Post (EMS, airmail, air parcel, etc.).
  1. 01We collect the Korea Post's international mail at the International Mail Logistics Center and transport it to the mail centers in destination countries by air.
  2. 02We transport 50,000 tons of mail to 146 mail centers in 112 nations.
  3. 03It is the largest logistics project granted by Korean government authorities.
50,000Tons International Mail Transportation

USA wind power generation project equipment

LX Pantos pulls ahead in the project logistics market
where on-time delivery is the key.
LX Pantos conducted the inland transportation of hundreds of wind blades with a length of 45m a distance of 700 miles.
After successfully completing the USA wind power generation project, LX Pantos has been actively strengthening its position in the renewable energy project logistics market, which includes wind power generation and solar energy generation, based on its expertise accumulated for years in projects, such as a plant project in the Middle East.
  1. 01We provided logistics services for the wind power plant construction project granted by an American wind power generator.
  2. 02We transported wind power construction materials and equipment from different regions in the world, such as China and Europe, by sea and land.
  3. 03The headquarters project team conducted the project in cooperation with our subsidiaries in USA, Europe, and China.
  4. 04By using special trailers, we completed the inland transportation of hundreds of wind blades with
    a length of 45m a distance of 700 miles from Houston to Guymon, Oklahoma, USA.
Movie of USA wind power generation project equipment Close