SCM Consulting

Through its warehousing and delivery / transport business linked to sea, air, and inland transportation,
LX Pantos provides value-added services, such as consulting, along with basic services, including warehousing,
storage, shipment, and inland transport. LX Pantos establishes optimum logistics systems for customers
in all SCM areas through logistics function analysis, work process analysis, and logistics system and cost analysis.

Service Introduction

LX Pantos provides optimal logistics models regarding customer features through its abundant experience and differentiated consulting methodology.
LX Pantos aims to become a win-win partner who can establish optimal logistics systems in all SCM areas by analyzing logistics systems and costs.

Consulting Scope

LX Pantos provides logistics-related consulting on the entire scope of the supply chain, except for core competencies (research and development, manufacturing, marketing, etc.), thereby helping customer businesses to enhance their competitiveness by making their supply chain more efficient and helping itself to secure new opportunities for SCM O/S, which means win-win opportunities.

Image of LX Pantos provides logistics-related consulting on the entire scope of the supply chain
  • LX Pantos
  • LX Pantos HUB
    • Information on warehoused materials
    • Information on completed goods warehoused
    • Shipping information
    • Information on materials shipped out
    • Information on completed goods shipped out
    • Information on sales of completed goods
  • LX Pantos Import / Export Solution
    • Plan for warehousing of materials
    • Imported cargo data
    • Factory sales plan
    • Factory production and shipment plan
    • Export cargo data
    • Shipping information (visibility)
    • Sales information (sales management)
    • Negotiation documentation
    • Information on shipping optimization by order (transportation mode, loading, etc.)
    • import / export documents (C1, P/L, B/L)
  • LX Pantos OMS
    (Order Management System)
    • Buyer order information
      (From Buyer)
    • Factory order information
    • Plan for the supply of completed goods (To Buyer)

Consulting Procedure

  • STEP 01
    Receiving consulting request
    Marketing / internet, phone call, introduction, visit
  • STEP 02
    First meeting with customer
    Consulting purpose and scope, content check, schedule adjustment
  • STEP 03
    Preliminary diagnosis
    and site check
    Basic data, interview, site inspection
  • STEP 04
    Proposal submission
    Content, scope, target, effects, schedule, organization, budget, etc.
  • STEP 05
    Explanatory session
    Presentation by the relevant directors / employees
  • STEP 06
    Revising and signing contract
    Adjustment of different opinions and signing of contract
  • STEP 07
    Diagnosis and consulting
    Diagnosis according to schedule and providing consultation
  • STEP 08
    Interim and final reports
    Status report and final completion report
  • STEP 09
    Evaluation and follow-up management
    Execution, evaluation, post management, follow up

Contact Information

Contact Information : Name, Team, Tel, Mail
Name Team Tel Mail
YONGHOON LIM W&D Global Sales 2 Team 82-2-6989-0323
YONGHOON LIM W&D Business Unit +82-2-6989-0323
BEOMIN LEE W&D Business Unit +82-2-3771-3943
JONGCHUL LEE W&D Business Unit +82-2-3771-2605

Consulting Experience

" LX Pantos conducted about 50 consulting projects over the last four years!"

Consulting Experience : Customer, Description
Customer Description
LGECB Network simulation of base for LGECB inland transportation optimization
LGC Simulation of base for LGC Kazakhstan project (selection of global sales bases)
LS Cable & System Undersea cable investment feasibility review for LS Cable & System
Mexico LGE Monterrey OS operation support for Mexico LGEMM
LGE Dubai Subsidiary Warehouse operation diagnosis and site operation improvement consulting
LG Chem Kazakhstan PJT Novorossiisk hub center operation feasibility review and network simulation
LGERA(Vladivostok) Securing storage capacity through current layout inspection and relocation
LG Hausys (Moscow) LG Hausys plant logistics efficiency and layout improvement consulting
LGEPH Cebu RDC operation feasibility review (logistics cost, lead time, profit and loss) consulting
LGE Gumi HUB Operating cost and resource utilization analysis consulting based on current cargo volume
LG Chem Kazakhstan Calculation of the capacity of logistics center and CY, and layout design
LG Chem USA Network and transportation efficiency method consulting
LG INNOTEC Consulting on strategy establishment for logistics management, transportation, warehouse operation
LGE Vietnam Operation efficiency consulting for 3 RDCs (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang) and 2 CDCs
LGE South Africa Warehouse and transportation business proposal direction consulting (cost, base, service, etc.)
LGE Panama HUB Review of logistics cost and service changes in the case of introducing Panama HUB for LGE AC Business Division's cargo volume in Latin America
Chicago HUB Review of the possibility of integrating two warehouses in Chicago, and operation efficiency consulting
LGE East Africa HUB Consulting on the network efficiency of base in South East Africa in order to enter the South East African market in the future
LGE Middle East AC HUB Review of the Middle East and Africa HUB logistics center establishment feasibility
LGE AI Logistics Efficiency Review of LGEAI (service parts for the U.S.) warehouse operation efficiency and network efficiency for nationwide transportation
New Vision SCM improvement consulting for the LGE sales company (New Vision) in Central Asia
Yuyuan (Trade Association) Logistics consulting for Yuyuan
CEPLA (Trade Association) Logistics consulting for CEPLA
Brother International (Trade Association) Logistics consulting for Brother International
SL Corporation Global logistics system reconstruction consulting for SL Corporation
Samsung Fine Chemicals Support for the optimization of the European base for Samsung Fine Chemicals
Cave de Vin (Trade Association) Transportation and warehouse operation efficiency consulting focusing on the sales warehouse
Nexolon (Trade Association) Consulting on strategy establishment for logistics management, transportation, warehouse operation
Suprema (Trade Association) Operation improvement consulting, such as logistics cost, storage capacity, express delivery, and warehouse operation
Logistics Collaboration (Trade Association) Consulting on transportation improvement plans and logistics process improvement through joint logistics
Netherlands Hankook Tire Transportation operation improvement and management system (TMS) advancement consulting
Shanghai Integrated Warehouse LG Fashion Operating cost reduction and variable cost calculation for LG Fashion
Suncor / SK E&C Analysis of What-if Scenario for oil sand plant construction by using SCS
Beijing Integrated Warehouse OSRAM operation diagnosis and improvement plan preparation
Indonesia Pertamina Indonesia Pertamina S&P establishment consulting
Hankook Tire Netherlands Consulting on warehouse function and operation measures, transportation system improvement, organizational system establishment, etc.
ICONIX Consulting on strategy establishment for logistics management, transportation, warehouse operation
LIVART Consulting on strategy establishment for logistics management, transportation, warehouse operation
DAESUNG Cargo volume analysis in relation to new warehouse expansion, and warehouse design to maximize operation efficiency
POSCO Europe Logistics Network Improvement Logistics network improvement for POSCO European Logistics Subsidiary
Kenya Sub-Depot Feasibility review for sub-depot (service parts) operation in Kenya
LX PANTOS Chemical Business Division Establishment of development direction after analyzing the gap between LX PANTOS Chemical Business Division and renowned foreign chemical logistics providers
KLEANNARA Logistics consulting and business proposal in regard to the overall logistics areas, such as domestic warehouses and transportation
Hyundai Mobis Transportation system improvement in Europe (Inbound / Outbound)