“New Market Leader”
“New Logistics Solution Provider”
LX Pantos provides comprehensive W&D (Warehouse & Distribution) services covering various industries.
LX Pantos thoroughly manages cargo transportation with its own employees and provides logistics services
combining know-HOW and know-WHERE as well as optimal logistics solutions based on customer value.
LX Pantos’ warehouse & distribution services set it apart from others!
  1. 01

    Global Networks

    Operating 360 sites at home and abroad
  2. 02

    Designing Optimal Routes
    and Transport Modes

    Designing optimal routes and transportation modes considering the business / cargo / market characteristics of customers
  3. 03

    Retention of
    Our Own Operation Personnel
    in Korea / Overseas

    Retaining experts, such as local professionals and consultants, and managing cargo with its own employees
  4. 04

    Visibility Provision

    Conducting real-time inventory management through WMS and TMS and providing delivery and distribution status through integrated global warehouse networks
  5. 05

    Know-Where Based Services
    by Nations

    Providing tailored services based on the characteristics of each region

Global Logistics Centers

Europe 14 / Middle East 1 / Asia 78 / China 45 / Korea 40 / CIS 4 / North America 6 / South America 4 Go to Global Networks

Service Introduction

LX Pantos proposes optimal ways to store customer cargo based on its experienced professional employees, advanced facilities, and cutting-edge IT systems in order to realize higher customer satisfaction by constantly challenging itself.

Service Type

  • Network-centered Business
    Delivery from National Main Roads, Metropolitan Hub to Regional Center
    Integrated service combining
    warehouse and transportation / delivery
    Home appliance / device, car / electronic part, construction material / furniture, apparel, CPG,
  • Transportation Business
    Wing Body Truck, General Cargo
    Cost reduction realization
    through the operation of trucks
    dedicated to point-to-point
    single route transportation
    Steel / nonferrous metal, petrochemical, construction, material, agricultural chemical, fertilizer
  • Export / Import Connection Business
    CFS(Container /Bulk)
    Connection business combining
    freight forwarding with inland
    W&D (full line service system)
    e-Commerce, Apparel, CPG, paper / furniture
  • Consulting
    Origin → Transit → Destination
    Design and application of customer-specific optimal solutions and implementation methods for procurement, sales, and plant cargoes regarding global regions
    Consulting that combines know-how
    for business and know-where for region

Service Strength

LX Pantos provides full line-up service based on its own networks.

  • All Service Areas
    Sales logistics, procurement logistics,
    plant logistics, VAS logistics
  • All Industries
    Home appliance / device, part (car / home appliance, etc.), CPG, e-Commerce, steel, apparel, construction material
  • All Regions
    Korea, China, Asia, Europe,
    the Americas, Africa, CIS countries

Innovative IT Solutions

  • Implementation System
    • WMS Warehouse Management System
      With our warehouse management system, we provide warehouse management optimization services, such as warehousing, releasing, inventory, distributing, and processing (inventory turnover cycle, cost analysis, etc.).
    • TMS Transportation Management System
      With our transportation management system, we provide optimal services, such as booking, vehicle scheduling, and paper work support.
    • OMS Order Management System
      With our order management system, we receive orders from customers and create and distribute orders.
    • Visibility Transportation Management System
      We track, monitor, and control cargo and respond to events and report results by managing cargo logistics from end to end as well as relevant work visibility.
  • Optimal System
    • Base Optimization Supply Chain Strategist
      With our transportation simulation tools, we design vehicle management optimization measures, such as optimal route selection and vehicle scheduling.
    • Transportation Optimization Transportation Modeler
      We create network models to support What-If analysis in the entire supply chain and design optimal simulation measures.

Implemented Projects

Implemented Projects : Type, Description
Type Description
Logistics efficiency consulting and operation
for home appliance maker P Company
Stable operation through retail logistics management system establishment, transportation system enhancement, and operation process advancement
Logistics efficiency consulting and operation
for toy maker M Company
Logistics service competitiveness secured through the introduction of the picking system reflecting the characteristics of cargo dispatching as well as innovative process improvement
Logistics efficiency consulting and operation
for medical device maker G Company
Medical device transportation and stable vehicle scheduling service
Installation logistics integration operation
for L Company
Electronic product delivery to end customers, product installation for end customers, product relocation and installation, A/S service provision
Logistics efficiency consulting and operation
for tire maker H Company
Establishment of implementation methods for warehouse function and operation, transportation system improvement, and organization system, and operation of warehouses for OE and OR product routes
Logistics efficiency improvement and operation
for steel product maker P Company
Product delivery to processing vendors in Eastern Europe and procurement-purpose warehouse operation in Southeast Asia
Logistics efficiency improvement and operation
for car manufacturer S Company
Operation of integration warehouses in Europe and product delivery to agencies

Major Logistics Centers in Korea

Paju, Goyang, Namyangju, Gangneung, Seoul(HQ), Incheon, Seongnam, Gunpo, Wonju, Yongin, Sihwa, Pyeongtaek, Jincheon, Asan, Cheonan, Andong, Daejeon, Gumi, Gyeongju, Daegu, Jeonju, Changwon, Busan, Gwangju, Jinju, Suncheon, Mokpo, Jeju

Contact Information

Contact Information : Name, Team, Tel, Mail
Name Team Tel Mail
YONGHOON LIM W&D Business Unit +82-2-6989-0323 yonghoon.lim@lxpantos.com
JONGCHUL LEE W&D Business Unit +82-2-3771-2605 jongchul.lee@lxpantos.com
BEOMIN LEE W&D Business Unit +82-2-3771-3943 beomin.lee@lxpantos.com