Digital solution

We provide new logistics services to
our customers through innovative digital solutions.
LX Pantos is continuously bringing in various digital technologies and applying them to the logistics field.
With automation and digitalization of logistics processes,
we bolster customers’ supply chain and logistics planning, and provide flexible and immediate solutions.

Service Introduction

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"Pantos Now is a “Freight Forwarding booking platform” launched by LX Pantos. Arranging international shipments used to be complex and difficult.
With Pantos Now, you can easily check schedules and book your shipment instantly.
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  • Simple sign-up to use Pantos Now.
  • With just a few clicks you can search and reserve schedules & prices.
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      a shipping lane
    2. STEP2Select
      shipment date
    3. STEP3Select
    4. STEP4Input container

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    Quote & Book

  • Easily check the shipment information and tracking information you have booked.

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  • Available in a mobile version and you can share shipment history with your coworkers.

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  • With Pantos Now, you are connected to 360 Pantos networks worldwide

    we offer you destination logistics services at all of Pantos global networks as well.

Pantos View

LX Pantos provides accurate end-to-end tracking data on a real-time basis, while enabling customers to better manage costs like demurrage/detention and to proactively take actions with risk monitoring functions.

  • End-to-end Real-time Tracking

    We provide real-time tracking data at a shipment level with technologies like AIS (Automatic Identification System), GPS, IoT and satellite, to show a current location of containers and estimated time of arrival at a destination.

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  • Securing the Quality of Tracking Data.

    We secure reliable tracking data through EDI connection with carriers and global service providers.

  • Demurrage & Detention Management.

    We provide demurrage/detention data at a container yard through automatic calculation so that customers can manage free time in advance.

  • Risk Monitoring.

    We provide data on risks such as global accidents, typhoon and port congestion so that customers can proactively respond to any risk factors.

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  • Improving Customer Experience.

    We provide easy access to key information and give customers options to customize search conditions of irregular situations.

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Various EDI Connecting Service

LX Pantos connects about 500 interfaces of government organizations (Korea Customs Service, customhouse, etc.), customers, and partners (airline, shipping company, etc.) in real time. LX Pantos also provides various EDI connecting services, including standard EDI methods (RosettaNet, EDIFACT, X12, etc.).

  • Flexibility : We provide various EDI transmission methods (FTP, HTTP, JDBC, SOAP, AS2, SOCKET, API, web service, etc.).
  • Standardization : We provide an optimal process connecting environment through standard EDI document management and standard guide provision.
  • Speed : We provide a fast and convenient connecting environment appropriate to various technologies.
  • Safety : We provide stable interface infrastructure for customers through real-time monitoring environment provision and SMS fault management.
  • Security : We increase data security through highly secured file transfer protocol (sFTP) or certificate exchanging measures.

Logistics Execution System Service

  • We provide end-to-end services.

    We provide end-to-end logistics services through logistics execution management based on the customer‘s order (integrated order).

  • We provide global services based on logistics IT platform.

    We quickly respond to new business by configuring the system by units of module. (sea transportation, air transportation, express delivery, customs clearance, warehousing, trucking, railroad transportation, electronic shipping documents)

  • We use standardized automatic global processes.

    We provide quick and accurate logistics services by applying global business standards.

  • We use standardized automatic global processes.

    We provide quick and accurate logistics services by applying global business standards.

  • We provide customer-tailored express delivery systems based on API in order to respond to e-Commerce business.
  • We provide effective contract logistics services through various WMS strategies and TMS-optimized engines.
  • We provide local customs clearance connecting solutions in order to respond to export / import compliance issues in various nations.

Contact Information

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SEUNGOK YOON Global View Team +82-2-3771-2365
CHANJU KIM Visibility Development Team +82-2-3771-2955