Better express services enhance your credibility!
LX Pantos maximizes your satisfaction by providing accurate on-time delivery services. LX Pantos
provides the fastest transport service by using the hub direct routes of the LX Pantos Express (PX) service. It gives
a prior notice to customers about destination customs issues based on its professional customs know-how and
expertise. It offers additional services, such as packaging, weekend shipping, and customs duty payment.
Our Differentiated Express Services
  1. 01

    e-BIZ Specialist

    We provide e-Commerce total
    logistics services for online businesses and overseas shipping / purchase agencies.
  2. 02


    We run an express website
    that provides cargo analysis
    report functions, invoice upload functions that allow users to upload many shipment invoices at once,
    and tracking screen functions that display the tracking status of various shipping companies.
  3. 03

    4PL Consulting Service

    We propose optimal logistics
    processes based on customer
    cargo characteristics by analyzing
    the core competencies
    of shipping companies
  4. 04

    Customized IT Service

    We provide customer-tailored
    system linkage services considering the customer system environment.
  5. 05

    Asia One Day

    We provide one day delivery
    services throughout Asia
    (except outskirts).

Service Introduction

Through the PX (LX Pantos Express) service, LX Pantos competes with well-known global shipping companies based on its strengths, such as the largest number of overseas networks retained among Korean companies, cutting-edge cargo tracking systems, freight charge competitiveness, and the express customs clearance center (self-diagnosis station) in Incheon International Airport.


LX Pantos provides comprehensive international express services for corporate (B2B) and individual (B2C) customers, such as export service, import service, and delivery between third party nations. LX Pantos provides door to door services in about 220 nations through its PX (LX Pantos Express) service that utilizes the largest number of overseas networks owned by Korean companies as well as strategic partnerships with global express delivery firms and postal service providers (USPS, Royal Mail, etc.).

LX Pantos provides delivery services appropriate for e-Commerce based on partnerships with various companies, such as eBay, Amazon, global online shopping mall operators, and overseas delivery /purchase agencies. As the official overseas shipping partner of eBay Korea, LX Pantos supports the overseas sales activities of small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is also the direct shipping partner of 4PX, which is Alibaba's international shipping agency.

Service Type

Express/e-Commerce Service Type : Type, Description
Type Description
Standard PX basic delivery service
Economy Services available at a lower price when sufficient delivery time is provided
Superior 9 Premium express service ensuring delivery completion by 9:00
Premium 12 Premium express service ensuring delivery completion by 12:00

Service Strength

LX Pantos enhances customer competitiveness through quick import / export customs clearance and one-stop services based on its customs clearance and transportation know-how accumulated in the global logistics field. It operates a direct express customs clearance area (self-diagnosis station) in the Incheon Airport Logistics Center, and one day delivery service is available in most regions in Asia.

LX Pantos provides comprehensive consulting for the entire import / export process, and it gives necessary information, such as cargo shipping reservation, shipping history management, and cargo delivery check, to customers anytime and anywhere through ‘e-PANTOS(’, the cutting-edge overseas express cargo tracking system.

E-commerce Platform Video

Contact Information

Contact Information : Name, Team, Tel, Mail
Name Team Tel Mail
SEUNGHYUN CHOI E-Commerce(B2C) export Contact by email
JINYOUNG JEONG E-Commerce(B2C) import Contact by email
HANBUM JEON Express(B2B) export/import Contact by email