Air Freight

Start one step ahead of others with LX Pantos!
As a global air freight company that annually handles air cargo equivalent to 1,100 cargo planes,
LX Pantos flexibly responds to the rapidly changing air transportation market and provides optimum services
through strategic partnerships with 50 major airlines in the world and the operation of chartered planes.
Our Differentiated Services
  1. 01

    Offer Total Solution Services

    We offer total solution services
    through networks in 40 countries.
  2. 02

    Specialized professional services
    according to cargo types

    We provide specialized professional services according to cargo types that are proposed by air transport experts deployed in different regions.
  3. 03

    Various ranges
    of air transport products

    We provide various ranges of air
    transport products according to the service
    level and price customers want.
  4. 04

    tracks cargo movement.

    We track cargo 24 hours a day in real time
    on a website that tracks cargo movement.

Service Type

Container Service : Type, Description
Type Description
On time delivery service We deliver goods within the period suggested by customers by developing various routes and making strategic partnerships with major airlines.
Consolidation service We offer competitive prices for large quantities throughout a year.
Special Cargo Handling Service
(live animals, perishable cargo, dangerous goods)
We provide professional services by operating dedicated teams with years of know-how.
Chartered Plane Service We provide spaces and competitive prices by running flights at least twice a week in major airports in USA, Europe, and China.
Door to Door Service We provide comprehensive logistics agency services, ranging from packaging to shipping, customs clearance, and paperwork, for safe delivery to the final destination through extensive overseas networks.
Sea and Air Service We provide services that are faster than sea transport and cheaper than air transport by combining the advantages of sea and air transportation.

Service Introduction

LX Pantos, Korea's No.1 shipping company in terms of handling the largest volume of air cargo, will deliver your cargo in the fastest and safest manner 24 / 7 anywhere in the world.

One-Stop Transporting Logistics Service

Based on its competitiveness as Korea's No.1 shipping company in terms of handling the largest volume of air cargo, LX Pantos secures reasonable fees and spaces to satisfy customer expectations by entering strategic partnerships with major airliners in the world. For the first time as a single entity, LX Pantos built and operates an air cargo center in the Incheon International Airport Free Trade Zone, which is developing as a logistics hub in Northeast Asia.

Service Strength

LX Pantos provides differentiated airfreight services through the air cargo center in Incheon International Airport. Equipped with cutting-edge logistics facilities, such as work stations, by-pass lines, and storage lines, the air cargo center in Incheon International Airport, which is the largest airfreight center in Korea, provides the best tailored logistics services, including airfreight export, airfreight import, international express, sea and air service, customs clearance, and storage. LX Pantos, the country's first business to provide a paperless airfreight service, provides real-time air cargo information to allow customers to check cargo transport information before an airplane departure.

Re-forwarding Service

Re-forwarding means the reloading of a cargo onto a plane at a point mid way between the point of departure and the final destination. Securing extensive overseas networks and abundant experience determines the quality of the re-forwarding service.

Service Strength

LX Pantos provides re-forwarding services for about 15,000 tons of cargo annually through Incheon International Airport. Among Korean logistics companies, LX Pantos has the largest information, knowledge, and experience in the field of re-forwarding services. With the experience and know-how of connecting its extensive global networks with Incheon International Airport, LX Pantos makes the best use of the geographical and economic advantages of Incheon International Airport, and it provides the most appropriate re-forwarding services to customers by comprehensively considering global airport conditions, air freight charge, transportation time and distance, airliner flight routes, and the time taken for transshipment.

Sea and Air Service

The sea and air service combines the merits of different transportation methods, i.e. the low freight rates of sea transportation and the rapidity of air transportation. A good example of such a combination is sea transportation from China to Korea and then air transportation from Korea to Europe, or sea transportation from Korea to the U.S. and then air transportation from the U.S. to Europe. The sea and air service takes less time than sea transportation and is cheaper than air transportation.

  • Factory
    • Morning dispatch
    • Sea shipment booking
    • Customs clearance
  • Origin Port
    • Ferry shipment
    • Same day departure
    • Report before arrival
    • Air shipment booking
  • Incheon Port
    • Morning docking
    • Unloading (3~4H)
    • Transport (1H)
  • Incheon Airport
    • LX Pantos warehouse unloading
    • Console BUILDUP
    • Air shipment (D+1~2 days)
  • Dest Airport
    • Cargo outgoing
    • Dest warehouse unloading
    • CNEE delivery
      (D+2~3 days)

Service Strength

LX Pantos logistics center at Incheon International Airport operates four container truck docks for sea and air transportation for the prompt handling and storage of cargoes, in addition to three work stations for ULD-based loading. LX Pantos, which has overseas subsidiaries / branch offices throughout the world, provides the most reliable sea and air service by coping with the rapidly changing transportation environment and collecting real-time information about departure, transit and destination.

Contact Information

Contact Information : Name, Team, Tel, Mail
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Operation of Chartered Planes Five Times a Week between Incheon and Yantai

LX Pantos runs chartered planes five times a week between Incheon and Yantai airports, and these planes transport goods bought online, express cargo, international mail, and transshipment cargo departed from / arrived in China.
In particular, it is possible to internationally transport Korean products bought online by Chinese shoppers in about an hour. Through chartered planes between Incheon and Yantai, LX Pantos provides services to transport a maximum of 200 tons(round trip) per day of goods purchased online and express cargo during the peak season.